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Chapter 2


A pair of hands appeared out of the darkness, grabbed the demon at his neck, forcing him to let go his hands on me. The hands then twisted his head to one side, causing him to shriek and fall off me.

I didnt want to die, not at this time, I was young and great.

Whats that? I heard the piano. Its so beautiful, the music from Heaven welcomed me. But I felt weirdKK

I opened my eyes, finding myself in a big room and lying on a large bed. It was soft and covered with a red bed sheet.

Youve waken?

I got up and looked around. The room was splendid with expensive furniture and fittings.

I spot a beautiful piano near a large window and a man was sitting over there with his back facing me.

Who are you? I asked carefully. I found hardly to trust anyone in this room nor in this unknown place.

The man slowly got up and came forward to me.

He was a creepy-looking man about seven feet tall, and thin but well-built. He was wearing a dark suite, looking normal except his eye, his only eye, which was violet - so fascinating. There was a long deep scar crossed through his left eye causing it blind. His left eyelid was sealed close and it seemed that he winked.

He stopped before me and bowed.

Greetings, Master Emmy, he smiled

I kept a close eye on him and stayed alert. Velvet paws always hide sharp claws.

You havent answered my question yet, I said

What question? he asked.

Your name, I said coldly.

Ah yes, he groaned. Take it easy, I will tell you who I am. There is no reason for me to hide my identity from you.

My name isK he paused and smiled slyly.

Armand, he hissed.

My face turned white as sheet but he was amused to see me stiff.

What sort of day it is! Met two mad men in a day!

Not the craziness, he added, Not the one in the book also.

You know about the mad man. You know what has happened in the alley

You are spying me! I snarled.

Oh, the ingratitude, he moaned, Ive saved you.

I didnt know whether I could trust him or not.

Thank you, I said finally, But dont play with me, I dont like being teased. Tell me who you are.

There was a long pause of silence before he spoke.

I am the real Armand, a real vampire.

My jaw dropped in astonishment. In a second, I could not figure out what was happening. It seemed that everyone had gone crazy, the whole world was mad.

Though I wrote a lot of vampire stories, I didnt believe it and never thought of meeting one in my life. So, rather than accepted the truth and dealt with it, I thought of the most logical explanation.

YouK I cleared my throat, You have read my books.

Yes, he replied.

Then you should know there is copyright. I said.

Sure, he said simply.

Well, ready to receive the legislative letter, I said.

He stared at me for a few seconds then burst out laughing.

Is that funny? I snarled.

He laughed nastily, You write about me but havent paid for my copyright.

Write about you? I chuckled, I know nothing about you.

Of course you know, he said.

My blood in your vein tells you who I am, he added, The fire, you cant forget.

FireKthat killed my parentsK I muttered.

You are almost dead when I find you and I blooded you to bring you back to live, he said.

You mean I am a vampire, its crazy! I smiled weakly.

But there was no humor on his face. He was serious.

Okay, if I am a vampire, how come I never drink blood. Besides, I can move around in the day. I challenged him.

Because you are not pure, he replied.

You are just a baby at that time and I only share little of my blood with you to keep you alive. Thats why you dont have any vampire powers and in return you do not experience what vampires fear, he explained.

I still dont understand why I know about your existence, I asked.

My blood stored some of my memory so they enter your body when I blood you, he answered.

Well, you said you are the same Armand in my book but theres not true, you lookK

Creepy, ugly, horribleK he smirked. Even I do not understand why you will think that I am handsome, nobility and good. Probably you make it up yourself.

Thats true, how can I introduce a person like you to my readers, you properly would scare them away, I said. However, you dont look much different from man, how can you tell you are a vampire.

Look into my eye (his left eye was blind) and concentrate hard! he told me.

In seconds, I didnt know what he wanted to show me. But I soon realized the color of his eye was different now. Its not violet anymore, its turning red.

Ive seen the red eyes before, I said. The demon in the alley.

Demon, he smirked. That savage is a vampire. His name was Santiago. One night, I will catch him out, tear him apart and kill him.

You havent killed him then... I paused.

My heart fell, What happen to Nick? I snapped.

He shrugged, Santiago gets him.

Then Nick is dead? I mumbled.

KBut Santiago has saved me from the hand of the mad man, I assured him, He is not bad.

His laughter rocked the room. Not bad! he shrieked. He surely will kill you if he can.

What do you mean? I asked.

He know you are a vampire, he can smell you. Certainly, he wont bring himself into trouble by killing you. What he scares is not you, you are weak. He scares the one who makes you. Just make it simple for you to understand, think in this way. I turn you into a vampire so I am a father and you are my daughter. If someone kill the daughter, the father will avenge the murderer. This is our rule. But I dont think he know you are mine, otherwise, he will not attack you.

He hasnt attacked me but the mad man did, actually he has saved my life! I insisted.

If you die where he is feeding, it is difficult to say he is not involved.

Why do you think Nick is his prey, maybe the mad man? I suggested.

No, if I were Santiago, I would not take the mad man also. Its digesting! he was sickened as he said.

YouKwhy dont you save Nick, why you let Santiago take him, I sobbed. You probably can defeat Santiago easily.

Why should I? he laughed. The human has nothing to do with me.

But Nick isK I stopped.

Your boyfriend? he smiled. But what is your boyfriend to me? I will not risk my life for his.

YouK I couldnt say any more, the rage had seized my tongue.

I was close to tear. When he saw me this, he looked miserable.

I am sor-

Shut up! I dont want to hear you, you disgusting monster! I snapped. I dont want to see you again!

I rushed out of the room, down the stairs and out in the street. I had no idea of where I was going, just kept on running. Running away from the house, away from the monster!