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Chapter 1


Its happened in one winter night. The weather was cold and its raining outside. I was dinning with Nick in a romantic restaurant. A pianist was playing in the center, up on the stage of the restaurant. His music was a kind of magnet, I could say he did not play, he coaxed the keys, it sounded like a silk slipped off a womans body, its so light. The music he played raised the passion from everyone listening.

I could not see the pianists face clearly, the piano blocked most of my view. The stage light was so bright and I barely saw a black shadow. His head swung with the music. My eyes were caged on the moving figure, so concentrating when a familiar voice got to my ears.

Emmy. Nick called. Emmy? He repeated.

Sorry, I am not listening, I replied. What are you saying?

I am talking about whether Bonnie should kill Antonio or marry him, he said. Bonnie was a female vampire of my story and Antonio blooded her to make her a vampire.

Every time Nick wanted to tell me what he thought. He hoped I would use his ending one day and approve his ability. But as an author I used to make up every single part of the story myself.

Neither, I said, I have considered a much better ending for my story. I am sorry in my heart to say this to hurt him. I knew he had been working hard but his idea was too general, not creative and lack of attractive.

Why? He asked. The ending is reasonable and systematic.

No reasonable and systematic when you write, I taught him, Novel writing is not an equation.

None of my book will end as people predict to, I said. You work for me for almost three years, cant you see my competence. I got richest imagination, thats why people used to called me Master Emmy.

Ok, great Master Emmy, he said, What is your ending then?

Nick, I said Its commercial, you promise me not to ask. We all need secrets so dont ask.

Youre cruel, he said sadly. I am your boyfriend and fiance, we should share no secret.

Theres nothing to do with our relationship. I am outstanding because I know how to hold things back, I said. However he did not seem to be satisfied with my answer. You must understand. Cheer up, we are going to have a nice dinner.

For a moment, we sat in silence and shared no conversation. By the time, the pianist had finished, bowed to the audience and left the stage.

We had also finished our dinner and started off in the street. I was heading in front and Nick was sulking behind. As we walked down a dark alley, my heart shivered. I got to feel that something was going to happen. I wanted to ask Nick speeding up and getting out of the alley as quickly as possible.

As I opened my mouth, I spot a dark shadow popped up from a dark corner and flew over my head. The shadow stopped in front of Nick.

I was shocked and fixed.

For a second, nothing had happened. Nick didnt move even not struggle with the shadow either.

Nick...who is he? I asked. I thought Nick might know him.

Master Emmy? a raucous voice asked.

Yes, I am..., I replied.

As the shadow turned to face me, I spot a knife coving with blood holding in his hand. I then looked from the knife to Nicks belly.

Heavens, noK I screamed. The blade had cut deep into his flesh and blood was shedding. Nick dropped on the floor, lying dead.

My Emmy, he grinned, My lovely Emmy, I am your loyal reader.

I was frozen and my head was emptied. I could not figure out what had happened. Was it a dream? Was this a new story of my next book? But why I was here and why Nick was lying dead. I had lost control of the story going!

The stranger stepped forward and I realized it was not a dream. Its real.

Dont come any closer, you murderer! I warned him. But he didnt listen.

Why? he asked, I am Armand, your lover. Emmy, how can you forget me?

Armand was a vampire of one of my earliest story and Emmy - I named her my own name as a way to introduce myself to the readers - was his human lover. In my book, I described him as a noble and good-looking vampire - many female readers of mine had fallen in love with him. This guy might have read too many of my stories and mixed up with reality.

Emmy! he was getting anxious, as I didnt show any response. He took a few more steps forward.

No! I shouted, I dont know you, go away!

I am Armand! he leapt forward, got hold of my arms and shook me like a doll.

Let goKyou crazyK I wheezed. You are hurting me...Ill call the police.

He stopped shaking me and dumped me to the ground. He spun away and sat in silence.

At that moment, I though I was safe before he spoke again.

I love you till the end of the world! he muttered.

Oh no! He meant to kill me. I remembered what I wrote, Armand killed Emmy after this announcement.

He spun round, holding his knife up and moved slowly forward again.

No one could save me now. I closed my eyes and prayed that the kill was so quick and I would die in painless.

Juliet! he roared as he leapt towards me.

Juliet? I opened my eyes and spot somebody jumped from above. It dropped to the ground and knocked the mad man down.

I looked from the stranger to the mad man who was rolling on the ground. Romeo, he giggled, Romeo come to save Juliet.

Romeo? Juliet? I muttered.

Forgetting the danger that I was in, I moved close to the mad man. What Romeo and Juliet? I said as he got to his feet. You tell me you are my loyal reader. But you talks about other - Shakespeare -work at the time I die!

His eyes widened, No! he screamed and put his hands up covering his head, I am your reader.

ReaderKnoKnoKyoure my reader, I am ShakespeareK he murmured and then squatted on the ground, repeating his last sentence again and again.

For a moment, I didnt know why I cared about his saying. A few seconds before, my foot was half stepped into the door of hell. But, I would like to be called properly when I died. Its insulting!

I stopped as a thought struck me. Nick!

I hurried to where Nick was lying. He had lost lots of blood. His blood was seeping through the cracks in the floor.

I held Nick up and glared into his face. His face was pale and his lip was bloodless. I felt his hands, they were cold. Hed gone!

My strength deserted me. Slumping to the ground, collapsed, then a voice brought me back, He is still breathing.

I immediately checked it.

It was weak but I knew, he was still alive. I released and wheezed out the air.

But it was not long before I froze again. Someone was here, I had forgotten it.

I stared into the darkness where the voice had come from. Who are you? I asked in a shaken voice.

The figure slowly showed up. I saw his red costume first, then his face when he came closer. He was a tall and burly guy with a long gray hair tied up at the back. His eyes were gray as well, shinning in the darkness. A mysterious and chilly smile was wearing on his ugly pale face.

Now I came face to face with this guy who had saved me - I wouldnt have said this if I knew what horror was waiting behind.

Who are you? I asked again.

But he was not looking at me. He was staring off somewhere else.

Its Nick! In a second, I came to realize that he was interested in Nick.

Please go and fetch somebody to help! I said.

He squatted opposite to me. His gray eyes didnt leave the dying Nick, even one blinked.

Are you listening? Go and get help! I shouted.

To my surprise, I thought I was in illusion. Narrowing my eyes and looked more closely. Yes, I was sure, his eyes were turning red, deeper and deeper. Hes a demon.

He stretched out his hand to Nick and I swiped it away. But he grasped me and squeezed hard. I yelled out in a great pain.

He dumped me aside and spun on Nick.

Stay away from him! I screamed and threw myself on him.

We went sprawling on the ground. Before I got to my feet, his hands already laid on my neck. He pushed me down on the ground and rolled on top of me, forcing me down. I tried to shove him off but he was much stronger than I was. I was in a difficult position but struggled hard before I was out of conscious. I laid helplessly on the ground and theres nothing that I could do to save myself

I was finished.