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My name was Emmy. I had a long brown hair, rather curly. I was not so tall, just about six feet height. I was an orphan, my parents were dead in a fire when I was a only baby. But I was saved and was brought up in a church. I used to live in a village when I was young. I was not bothered by my fate and even worked hard to change my destiny.

I was proud of myself. Now I was a famous and successful writer, an author of twenty-two (which was also the same as my age) books. My books talked about vampire stories. I had richest imagination in these creatures of the night.

I had a boyfriend by the name of Nick. He was seven feet height, and was a thin young man of twenty-five years old. He had blond hair and a remarkable face. He was currently working as my assistant. His ambition was to be a brilliant and sole author but he was still learning from me. He was a nice guy, hardworking and honest gentleman. He loved me so much that he would die for me if I wanted him to. I got along with him for almost three years and we were getting married next month.

My life was prefect and my future was bright, only before that day, only before I met Him. What I possess had been ruined, my job, my marriage, my future and some more else had been totally destroyed.